Custom Design

I am still setting up my website but I AM taking orders. If you would like to ask questions or request a 3D design service or 3D print, please write me an email.


About me | My name is Jack and I am a 3D design artist. I spent 3 years at university studying Urban Planning and Architecture, but when Covid hit I decided to reconsider my path. I now work for my father who is an Architect in Dallas and am learning invaluable skills in design and construction. 

About my business | I am a skilled 3D designer and am proficient in Sketchup, Blender, and Chief Architectural Software. Until now, most of my work has been a hobby. I recently purchased a resin 3D printer to bring my designs to the real world and I would like to sell my 3D design services as well as any prints that are requested.

3D Printing Pricing | $8/in tall + $5 Setup & Clean (shipping not included). My 3D resin printer's time-to-print is only restricted by how tall an object is therefore, the price for printing will be $8 dollars per inch in height + $5 for setup and cleaning. For bulk orders, I may offer a discount. The printer being used is the ELEGOO Saturn S. (Print Quality = 48um | Max Print Size = 7.7in x 4.8in x 8.2in) It takes about 90 minutes per inch to print. The reason I chose a resin 3D printer was because the print quality is so high that the individual layers of the print are smaller than a human hair and near invisible to the naked eye. 

3D Design Pricing | ($10 Setup + $25/hour). Pricing for design work is a bit tricky and really depends on what you want. Contact me via email with your design goals and what you expect and ill be happy to discuss pricing and refine any of the details you'd like in a pay as I go type of deal. I will send pictures and progress updates throughout the design process to make sure you receive exactly what you had imagined.

Why $25 an hour? I specialize in structural and architectural design work and can get quite a lot of work done in just an hour. If your design requests work of character design or more freeform type work then I may charge a lower rate as I am not yet proficient in that type of design work. Pricing is not hard set and is up for discussion. 

Thank you for your time! I hope I have captured your interest and would love your support by requesting my services and helping start my business!